Dispatch Your Trucks

Top 5 Benefits Of Owner-Operators Utilizing A Truck Dispatch Service​.

Speed Booking

Good Paying Freight Only Is Available On Load Boards for “Seconds”; Booking Speed Is Crucial. Dispatchers Have The Time And Availability To Book Loads Quickly.

Pay For Ourselves

Expert Dispatchers Are Able to Analyze The Freight Market And Negotiate Higher Load Rates To Cover Their Cost of Service To Carriers.

Handle All Administrative Office work

Complete All Owner Operator Load Setup Processes, Billing & Invoicing, Documented Detention Requests Collections and Monitor Weather Conditions... We'll Even Help You Get Set Up with TAFS Factoring Company!

Dedicated Lanes

It Take Weeks To Identify Dedicated Lane(s), Research The Market For A Good Bid, Status Follow-Ups And Close The Deal. Dispatchers Can Manage This Process Efficiently And Effectively From End-To-End.


Most Drivers Prefer Not To Talk On The Phone While Driving For Safety Reasons, But Shippers & Brokers Require Check Calls. Also, These Check Calls Are Sometimes Required During Rest Periods. To Avoid Driver Interruptions, Dispatchers Can Handle This Communication with Shippers & Brokers.

         Maximize Your Earning Potential With Our Dispatch Service.
Dispatch Your Truck services owner-operators and fleet owners in earning revenue daily through our dispatch service. We have a staff of experienced and trained dispatchers who will negotiate and book loads on your behalf. If time is an issue for you, or you just aren’t maximizing your earning potential, sign up with Dispatch Your Trucks dispatch service today!

Our Dispatch Service Includes:

Factoring Set Up
Roadside Support
Coordination Of Trips
Market Trend Analysis
Carrier-Broker set ups
Develop dedicated lanes
Review and Sign rate cons
Detention Pay/ Layover Pay
Assist drivers with directions
Detailed earnings spreadsheet
Negotiation of best paying rates
Request Certificates of Insurance
We provide Dispatch support 24/7
Credit checks of brokers and shippers
Truck Order Not Used (TONU) assistance
Access to our special rates & relationships
Direct access to your dedicated dispatcher

Being able to generate $8,000 to $10,000 plus per truck while operating them smoothly and efficiently in
A week is Awesome!
Our dispatchers will help you achieve more than you imagined!
Partnering with us is quick and simple.
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